By Art She Lives~ Syrian Refugee

By art she lives~ syrian refugee

By art she lives~ syrian refugee

She makes jewelry as part of the rehabilitation and education programs that ‘Beyond’, a local Lebanese NGO does with the children in the Syrian refugee camps.

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  1. Being myself a jewellery maker in my spare time, I’m so touched by this photograph and the story behind it. I’m sending so many healing and creative vibes to this girl and everyone around her. Bless!

  2. A figure to mull about. Lebanon’s population is 4.5 million. Give or take. And yet such a small country has “taken in” 1.2 million Syrian refugees? A third of its population?
    Vive le Liban.

  3. A lovely picture, “Mimo”. A lovely smile to counterbalance last post’s pout.
    Can smiles conquer all greed and tragedy?

  4. I see hope in her smile, “Beyond” is as important as “Wellcome”.

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