A Brief Date with the Sun~ Krabi

High hopes at the low tide

The fish stage~ Krabi

Paint my twilight blue~ Krabi

Ode to a setting sun~ Krabi

certain secrets she could only relay to the low tide~ Krabi

sketched by the summer wind~ Krabi

Sometimes life feels like we are charging forward at high speed with a hybrid car till we start stalling and running out of power, doesn’t it?

What better recharging station than the beach?

Sun, sand, the elements, peace, quiet, color, inspiration…

I am thankful for a much needed pause in the journey.

14 thoughts on “A Brief Date with the Sun~ Krabi

  1. A brief date with your daughter, rather? What better way to recharge energy!
    (Plenty at that age)
    Lovely pictures. Reminds me of our daughters then. Tomorrow we’re going to our youngest’s graduation in Washington DC. Masters in international development. (The world is in dire need of that)
    Oh. Time flies!
    Enjoy her every minute.
    Take care


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