The Ethnic Minority Culture of Yunnan~ China

state of surrender

state of surrender

the bending force of habit

the bending force of habit

Leader of the marching band

Leader of the marching band

I returned with a small group of photographers last week to this remote region of China’s Yunnan Province that haunted me since my last visit to the area a couple of years back.

It is the type of journey you would do if you were really in love with photography and different cultures that make up pieces of the puzzle of the human story on our planet.

The journey was a great challenge from the long drives, to the heat, the spare accommodations and the great element of unknown.

It was the opening of my series of documentary photography workshops that I am doing in Yunnan and despite all the challenges we faced, I can happily call this a great success.

I will be sharing here a series of images, stories, portraits and special stories about this journey into a unique and mysterious part of the world.

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  1. Fascinating images, Mimo. Beautiful and haunting.

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    I love the photo..Looking ford to know more..

  3. Stunning photographs! I look forward to more.

  4. It is so interesting and adding your eye to capture the scenarios is going to be a pleasure reading your next posts. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks for sharing so interesting topic. I love the pictures also.

  6. Looking forward to know more about this piece of the puzzle, in your great photography.

  7. It will be great to follow the blog.


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