Impressions From a Journey Between the Folds of Time

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Sometimes life invites us into a brief interlude between the folds of time. There we see beyond the obvious, we feel more deeply and we re-evaluate our lives and where our importances lie. The past month has been just such a life changing happening and as I emerge trying to find the end of a thread I let go of, I find that a whole new selection of threads present themselves to me. I pray that I may choose wisely where to get back on the train we call destiny.

Photographs taken during the past month in Germany, Lebanon and China

More images on my instagram feed

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  1. This is powerful! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Very strong pictures! Great job!

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    I absolutely LOVE these photographs. Once you look at them too, you’ll most likely feel the same way too.

  4. absolutely stunning!

  5. These shots are so inspiring… so original. Love them!

  6. belleza y elegancia.I love it

  7. nice series. Looks like b/w Holga photography. very cool

  8. Wow!!!! Fantastic!!!!!

  9. Beautiful, evocative work. It really breathes.

  10. Wow!! especialy for the ghost, the spirit and the destiny. I like also the titles of the pictures.

  11. Absolutely stunning photos. So many untold stories. Thanks for sharing them.

  12. Stunning photos! Beautiful contrast and composition in all of them.

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