Inside the Process of Music

in a world where only music can exist-2

Have you ever been lost in the process of your art? Have you ever visited that place where time stands still and you are transported on the wings of creativity? So much peace attends this state and it is a wonderful gift to be in the presence of its happening.

Isn’t that why we chase art from place to place and beg to be in its world? in a world where only music can existPhotos are of my daughter inside the state of her music earlier this evening.



22 thoughts on “Inside the Process of Music

  1. My only wish is that I could be in that state of total involvement, lost in creativity and thinking of nothing else more often than I get to be!
    Beautiful images of your daughter enjoying her art! Just lovely 🙂


  2. Do we chase Art or its higher state, Beauty?
    (remember the greeks’ concept of Truth, Beauty, and Good?)
    Be good Mimo!


  3. It’s great if it works out that way, for someone, but that someone is not me.
    Although I enjoy doing my “art”, it’s hard work not to get distracted by other things.


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