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Slowing Down Time with Crafts

in the joy of doing
in the joy of doing

In a world of texting, emailing, and ‘elf yourself’ video cards sent around for Christmas, it is so amazingly soothing to go back to basic crafts and to spend hours cutting, coloring, gluing and handwriting Christmas cards for loved ones. I suspect that as we speed into the future, taking the time to be invested in hand-made craft projects will be a thing of the past, when most things as we know them would be mass-produced and the charm of uniqueness lost forever. The last two days, we took the time, we played Christmas songs, created cards, ate cookies and had lovely long conversations. Another memory for the treasure box.

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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Indeed, the world of doing… sthg with your hands:
Love sweeping the leaves from the terrace. Nothing electronic. No internet or server failure. Just a reliable broom. Worst that can happen is the broom’s head coming off which you can fix with a reliable nail and hammer!
Result guaranteed!
(Book-binding and restauration is also a rewarding affair!)
One should never forget how to use one’s own hands. Best tools!

Sorry – I got distracted. ;^)
You’re perfectly right about this, and for two years now I have taken the time for handwritten letters and postcards, as well as some crafts. As for getting the younger generations to unplug to the analog world, well, that can be a challenge.

Mimo – I am so much in agreement with you. We have (me and my children) have spent this week doing evening crafts at the table – and it has been a joy. The house looks like a crazy Christmas craft room – but I love it like this 🙂 Wonderful sentiments…and I love that you have started a new 365…and will be following you on this new journey 🙂

A lovely photo. Going back to basics is often what makes us feel grounded and seems to slowdown time. Maybe we should all strive to have moments like that everyday.
Love that you started a 365 project, I made the decision to start one as well on December 15th. I am not sure where to post, I am thinking FB for starter.
Anyhow, love your photos, always inspiring, have a great day.

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