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Chasing Time~

chasing time~ Boracay
chasing time~ Boracay

It’s a funny thing, time. I remember as a child not minding time at all; being and living in the moment; existing in a plane where time had no say in my business. Then slowly things begin to change. Time would no longer allow itself to be ignored. It wants to assert its managerial role in the affairs of my human existence. Freedom is replaced by deadlines, strict appointments and duties to be fulfilled on ‘time’. But little does time know that I remember what it was like to be free, and that I can escape to that place where I kept my childhood alive and well. Don’t tell time…

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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Hi Mimo. Lovly thoughts and picture as usual.
I understand perfectly! (You might want to read “The monkey incident” on my blog, IF you can find the Time!)
Take good care of yourself and your family

Our inner spirits, the real person, is timeless. That’s why we feel timeless and are amazed as our bodies grow old. But even the spirit is bound and not really free until it is “born again” as the Lord Creator spoke and was recorded, quoted by John the Apostle in his writings. Thank you for your work.

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