harsh realities~ Qibao

a life she drifted into~

a life she drifted into~

a rough start at life~

a rough start at life~

In Qibao, and old area of Shanghai, is a neighborhood(if you can call it that) of green lanes. Confronting realities wait there behind each door and in front of some where young women prepare to sell themselves for a living. As much as this practice is as old as civilization itself, it remains heartbreaking to witness people’s daughters going through this to survive. And most painful of all was seeing a little girl forced to grow up in that strange world of green lanes.


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  1. Magnifique photo ! pleine de sensibilité !

  2. Terrific documentary shot.

  3. The first photo is fantastic.

  4. stunning and sad, but real above all – real.. c

  5. These are both extraordinary. Love.

  6. ABSOLUTELY lovely picture!!

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    The focus of this black and white photo is really great.The action that the young woman did showed the theme of the photo. They had to sale themselves for a living which made people thinking.

  8. Nice documentary or….. eeee…….yyyyyy…… just a street photo xD
    Great shot!!!

  9. What wil be that child’s future?

  10. That is a strong and sad story your pictures are telling.

  11. I hate the need for women to sell their bodies…..

  12. Love them both but that first one is just so beautiful and striking. I wish I didn’t know the meaning behind them ….

  13. Beautiful photo, as always. You’re such a talent. xo

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