Life in the old lanes~ Shanghai

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Old lane on a rainy day~ Qibao~ Shanghai

Old lane on a rainy day~ Qibao~ Shanghai

Behind and right next door to the glitz and glamour of Shanghai, real people live their real lives in the old lanes. The first shock you get walking through the very old parts of town is the extreme narrowness of the alleys and the very small size of the overcrowded rooms people call home. It is quite a wake up call that I make sure I take myself through at least once a week so as not to be fooled by the fake reality that expats tend to exist in in a place like Shanghai.

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  1. Superb picture, Mimo – and mono is oh so perfectly right for it – wonderful shot! The umbrellas lend an anonymity to the two figures which is just right for the shot. Adrian

  2. I experienced “the fake reality” while in Shanghai, just behind the Marriott Hotel! It’s scary how different those two worlds are!

  3. Oh yes.. in cities the poverty is usually well hidden out of view..

  4. Great shot and post showing us a different point of view of this great city.

  5. Love this image. Full of mystery.

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