Gateways to the soul

Gateways to the soul

Gateways to the soul

So much power can travel from and between human eyes, intensity, excitement, alarm, fear, inspiration, hesitation, suggestion, avoidance, guilt, pride, strength, wisdom, glow, inner beauty, and so many other emotions and radiations, too many to list here. Gateways to the soul? Portals of higher communication? However we see them, once the mouth is masked as it often is in Asia, I find that the eyes intensify as it does in other places around the world where only the eyes are shown.

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  1. Interesting post – I found the masks intriguing in Asia. It does intensify the flash of eye contact.
    Beautiful photo, by the way…does she want to see or be seen?

  2. I always like what you have to say and show, Mimo. The B&W patterns of this one work great. But you had me at her eyes.

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