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Day 26~ December 26th~ Guilin

The long haired women of the yao minority
The long haired women of the yao minority

No one is allowed to see her hair until she marries, each Yao woman can carry around her head up 1.9 meters of hair wrapped around like a crown. If a young man happens to catch sight of a girl’s hair, then he must invite her to live with his parents as a bride for 3 whole years. Another of our wonderfully colorful human traditions and another chapter in the mystery of hair.


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If someone sees the hair and singleness. There is an American phrase, “Here today, gone tomorrow” I guess that would apply to the single man here in Yao. If you see the hair – it’s “Hair today, gone tomorrow”. 🙂 Great photo. Thanks for sharing another of the cultural idiosyncrasies of this people.

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