Day 21~ December 21st~ Guilin

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those colorful people of the world

those colorful people of the world

With every passing year, with each journey into the far away places, I pray that these colorful people of the world are still there, being celebrated, appreciated and not become integrated into a characterless soup of grey humanity.

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  1. Dear Mimo,

    I follow your projects now for some time and I want to express my thanks to you and my acknowledgement to your great art of taking pictures from our great human beings and expressing so much of your value for them. Often you are touching my soul and remind me of my own values.
    You are doing a very valuable job with your projects!


  2. I echo your sentiments, Mimo – wonderful photo!

  3. Hear, hear Mimo… the world needs colour..

  4. A very nice photo of this beautiful lady.

  5. Yes, definitely, let’s preserve colour – physically and mentally – in human life! I agree with mobius, “characterless soup of grey humanity.” is a very powerful phrase – and I agree with your sentiments totally. Good stuff, Mimo! Adrian

  6. I hope this identity is never lost. Great description. The “characterless soup of grey humanity” is such a powerful phrase and sadly seems to describe what is happening. Great photo.

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