Day 9~ December 9th~ Guilin

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raft man~ Li river~ Guilin

raft man~ Li river~ Guilin

On a beautiful river that flows between lush green hills lives a man who spends all his days carrying people up and down the river on his bamboo raft. He manages to be a happy and content man.

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  1. A terrific composition made even more appealing in black and white.

  2. Happy and content is very relative. Your journeys show how much we in the fast-paced world have forgotten.

  3. Superb composition! Great shot

  4. Great photograph!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AGAIN!

  5. He is happy because he knows his craft – – – not his ship but his job of taking people where they want to go – – – and I imagine having a good time exchanging life’s stories with them.

  6. It is a very lovely photo with the man floating on the water and with the soft landscape in the background.

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