Day 16~ November 16th~ New York

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I will meet you in the underground

When you ride the subway trains in New York City everyday with their strong smell, the shrieking brake noise of the arriving trains, the unintelligible speech of the conductors, and the repeating “stand clear of the closing doors”, you beging to feel a sense of belonging in those underground tunnels, almost like a city rat. You pick a spot that is convenient for you stand in each day while you wait for the train, you decide weather you are in the mood to look for a seat or simply just stand, and the train ride becomes a kind of a meditation. I always loved people watching while on the subway, and trying to imagine the stories behind each face while trying hard to keep mine anonymous.

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  1. Simply great ! everything fits together..

  2. love the shot. love the blur. love this great b&w piece of art

  3. I REALLY love this image. Makes we long for film but at the end of the day it’s just a great picture.

  4. a really terrific image and the grain/blur really adds to the urban shot

  5. The blur, the black & wine, the sign, the place, the hat … perfectly New York City.

  6. WOW!!! Best I’ve seen in a long time!

  7. Another comment. I was looking at my posts and came across this one which I had forgotten, but which also about the trains,

  8. An ex New Yorker I’m nostalgic for the smelly, deafening, dirty subways. I try to satisfy my longing with bus rides, but there’s nothing like the trains.

  9. Black and white always has so much more character!

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