Day 4~ November 4th~ New York

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like a phoenix

New York, it rises from its ashes each and every time to prove time and again that ‘when there is a will there is a way’. And New York’s will is not like any other, it the combined strength of warriors that gather from all over the world powered by their vision and their wish to stand out from the pack. I remember living through the attacks of September 11th and seeing such a gloom that I thought this powerful city would never recover from. But it did, and it always will because of the will of its people. Yes, it is a city built to withstand the storms of the world to evolve into something better and greater.

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  1. A fitting image for your words.

  2. Lovely pic and a funny coincidence that we have the same building presented on the same day.
    I don´t have much material from the states but considering the elections I tought it would be convenient…

  3. Great shot! It is a formidable city!

  4. Just can’t get enough of taking pictures of this building! It’s beautiful!

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