Day 18~ October 18th~ Yunnan

her fancy pink dress~ Yunnan

Every little girl is a princes in her own right, she dreams of castles, fairies and forests filled with magical spirits, and she in the middle of all that wonder shines brilliantly…

14 thoughts on “Day 18~ October 18th~ Yunnan

  1. This shows the power of the photographer to tell a story ( at which you are a master, Mimo) I see a very sad little girl and yet I feel sure she could have been laughing a moment later…

  2. Amazing image, Mimo. She’s a beautiful little princess. I was thinking along the lines of a previous commenter (Scott), that your images always draw me in and invite me to sit a while, wondering and even wandering through them.

  3. Your trip must have been a great one , yet I can’t help thinking after seeing the posts you’ve shared with us ,your heart must have been cracked on a few occasions, at least..
    Great capture , as always..

  4. as I said before, you are such an awesome photographer. Everyone of your photos just causes me to sit and stare at it for a long time, pondering the thoughts and life of the subject. You always catch them in the perfect moment. This photo just made me think of so many things and I just wish I could hug that little angel

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