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Day 28~ August 28th~ Boracay

if sunsets were blue

Color has such a tremendous effect on us earth dwellers , doesn’t it? We are surrounded by color and we are gifted with the ability to see it, register it, feel it and be influenced by it. We find ourselves drawn to certain colors, some colors give us inner peace, others charge us and energize us, some make us feel well and calm, others we may find agitating. Our sunsets are golden and they have a way of making us feel a certain stillness and a causing us to go inside of ourselves and into a contemplative state. But what if our sunsets were a different color? What if they were blue? Would our lives be any different?

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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If we had evolved receptive to different colors/wavelengths, then our emotional reactions would also have shifted. We would be different sorts of creatures. Your question has me stymied. But currently, in my (our) present state, I enjoy those golden sunsets, as well as the photos you are posting.

Gorgeous photo.. Du u plan to start photography tutorials? I wud love to learn from u..

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