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Day 23~ August 23rd~ Boracay

Breaking waves

My 8 year old daughter is fascinated by supernatural phenomena and is constantly asking about way a person can become a wizard. I have found that the best way to answer her constant questioning is by turning her to the best teacher of all, nature.

I have put her to the task of collecting examples of natural laws and she goes on somewhat patiently collecting examples of opposites (like day and night, up and down), then things that come in 3s, 4s, 7s and so on. Last night we were going on about waves which led me to my own research about the intricate motion and physics behind waves (fascinating). One type of waves is the breaking wave, the one whose top becomes way too heavy for its base to handle and is eventually forced to break. I thought how profound that is, and how similar it is to the towers of kings and queens in history that had a weak foundation and eventually came tumbling down as they still do today…

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Mimo, my dear, the picture is gorgeous! Thank you so much for this.
Be blessed with beautiful life with your daughter and your family wherever you are! Congratulations on all your posts exceptional! All the best to be for you! 🙂

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