Day 5~ August 5th~ Boracay

drink in a bag

Traveling the world makes you less and less surprised by odd customs, but I was first surprised to see water sold in plastic bags in Congo, and again various drinks packaged the same way in Philippines. It seems very practical to drink from the bottom of a plastic bag and much easier for shopkeepers that don’t want to risk losing unreturned bottles 🙂

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  1. Uses much less plastic too I guess?

  2. It sounds as if we are already behind the eight ball on this way to package drinks…

  3. I disagree- traveling makes me even more excited to be surprised by other people’s customs. It’s the beauty of traveling. It’s why people travel other than to see different landscapes…

    Glad you enjoyed my country! You really should have visited Palawan though, or Bohol… great photos! X

  4. Really nice shot – like it.

  5. Same happens in Mexico. Different shape, same idea. Saves money for the consumer. Great picture

  6. yes, absolutely! in Ecuador the students come to school with bags of juice or yogurt for their snack. it’s cool to see that in a completely different country. Great pic.

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