Day 13~ July 13th~ Vietnam

girl in pink coat

A strange thing about street photography is the way we freeze moments with our cameras and a split second in the life of a human identifies them for us forever. The girl in the pink coat carried on with her life, perhaps got married, had children, wore a multiple of different color coats, but for me, she lives on as the girl in the pink coat…

photo taken: Girl in a hanoi street~ Vietnam

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  1. Maybe she will save your life one day. Then that little girl in the pink coat who was simply just a flat image will become something so much more…

  2. Great composition and natural expression/pose of the subject!

  3. I LOVE your photos! They tell stories in seconds. I am always striving to do that.

  4. and they become precious if you lose a child to illness as happened to my neighbours when I lived in Ireland.

  5. I often think that!

  6. Nice facial expression!!! Cheers Nonoy Manga

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