Day 7~ July 7th~ Veitnam

and then we age

Aging is the celebration of us escaping death. Why does it scare us so much? Is the fact that we are nearing death?

photo: old woman in Hanoi

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  1. That’s an extremely striking portrait, Mimo, and just right in mono! Adrian

  2. Compelling thought and wonderful image. WOW!

  3. wow what an incredible photograph

  4. A life written in a face – incredible!

  5. Madame a Classic leather faced portrait!!! Cheers Nonoy Manga

  6. As somone who has worked with older people in one guise or another for most years in the last 20…. and as I am getting nearer to old age myself at 58 !! It is not just about approaching death but also about the infirmity that can accompany it.. both physical and mental.

  7. I love it. An absolutely brilliant shot!

  8. My, what a picture, her life written all over her face.

  9. Un portrait formidable !

  10. Deeply real, moving. Thanks.

  11. Beautiful capture ! 😀 It could be the approach of death what truly scares us, or the thought of oldness.

  12. Wouldn’t want to last that long 🙂 Lovely shot.

  13. Impressive image, Mimo! Unfortunately age we become wiser, — and then die. That’s the law of nature …
    All the best for you Mimo my dear! 🙂

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