Day 3~ July 3rd~ Vietnam

real life happens in the alley

Behind the facade of every city is the part where real life happens. In Asia, these are the little alleys. Exploring these narrow streets and peeking at the daily acts of living that make up what a culture is about, making eye contact with the locals, having simple conversations, exchanging smiles, glances, sometimes giggles, being invited to homes, this all feels as if  you are putting your finger on the pulse of the city and its people. This is what makes street photography for me the most rewarding adventure in both travel and photography. It is all about meeting real people in candid moments and that is where their truth lives.

6 thoughts on “Day 3~ July 3rd~ Vietnam

  1. Great shot, Mimo. Was the backdrop really that colorless and the clothing stood out naturally or did you process it that way? This is such a great example of color creating the focal point!


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