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Day 2~ July 2nd~ Vietnam


While I was living in New York City a few years back, I heard a story from a friend about eyes that stayed with me since. She said that a native American man came to the city once and realized how hard and unnatural the streets are on the human eyes. He explained that people are meant to gaze at far away horizons at least once a day and knowing that, he wondered how people can live in a big city where all impressions bounce back into their eyes at such close distances. In the metropolis our eyes work overtime on our behalf when we cross the street, walk on the pavement, dodge passersby and even at home in front of our fast-moving screens of impressions.

Photo taken: a woman on a pavement in Hanoi~ Vietnam

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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Absolutely right Mimo.. I live on the very edge of a village and though I love a day in London I always feel exhausted at the end of it and as though someone has been waving something in front of my eyes all day..

That’s so interesting about the unnaturalness of the urban scape, and that we should look out to the horizon at least once a day. I love cities but I love to be by the ocean… and this is such a succinct way of saying why that is so. So interesting – thank you for sharing Mimo. Lovely shot.

When I became ill I knew I needed to leave London. The city existence was not helping me. I found much needed peace in the countryside and by the sea. I look out of my window onto fields of green and yes, a distant horizon and when I go to the beach or the clifftop and look out to sea, I find serenity I can find nowhere else. I can personally vouch for the wisdom of the native American’s words. Lovely photo!

Another “eyes’ story with quite a different moral is that of “Shadow Riders.” Shadow riders are cowboys who are those who watch their own shadows as they ride along. The miss the “signs” of the trail and either become lost or are set upon by others who hide in the brush. The realists watch the signs and survive.

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