Day 22~ June 22nd~ Xinjiang

amber eyes in a village called Opal

One hour from Kashgar, along the old silk road and just before the start of the Karakoram highway, lies a small village called “Opal”. In the middle of the hustle of the village market, the busy bread stalls, the people milling around and moving goods from place to place, I saw this pretty woman with the amber eyes. She stood there in the sunlight near a row of trees, alone, maybe waiting for someone. I approached, we did not speak, I looked at her, she looked back, I flet a silent agreement from her to photograph her, so I did. After clicking several frames I had the strangest feeling that with some people, as you photograph them, they are photographing you back. Her eyes were steady and piercing, blinking occasionally, just like a camera would. Weren’t cameras fashioned after human eyes in the first place?

6 thoughts on “Day 22~ June 22nd~ Xinjiang

  1. Mimo, You get the most interesting shots of people. Consistently catching the depth of them. I looked at the picture before reading your words and had the same type of thoughts. She stares into the camera with a bit of inquisativeness, a little dare and a lot of self confidence – – – all while still being attractive and not overbearing. Really great capture on your part. Thanks. Wally


  2. Fantastic observation. Great image. A really lovely portrait. I like your poetic description of people photographing you back with just their eyes – it’s sooo true.


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