Day 4~ June 4th~ Xinjiang

the man who wouldn’t stop smiling

The simpler the people the easier it is for them to smile…

Have you noticed how in the so-called civilized and developed countries, you end up praying for the sun to shine to get a half-smile out of people in the street? We have complicated our modern lives so much that we end up dragging ourselves around miserably with the weight of problems that we took on voluntarily. Then you meet people in developing countries whose lives are simple, whose worries, as big as they may be, are straightforward and uncomplicated so they can smile so easily from ear to ear when prompted!

When I met this man in Kashgar and tried to photograph him and talk to him with my conversational chinese and his Uyghur dialect, we just ended up standing there in the middle of midday traffic just grinning at each other like two simpletons 🙂

In me this moment lives as one of life’s precious gifts valued and not to be forgotten.

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  1. Wow, excellent portrait, Mimo! Adrian

  2. What a face. What a smile. Fantastic.

  3. This is precious! Love it love it!

  4. Great commentary about life! … and the ending made me laugh! This photo capture many facial details. Well done!!!

  5. A special moment indeed Mimo. What an amazing face. Every line and crease betrays a life of hardship and yet his smile is so genuine. Beautifully photographed.

  6. Wholeheartedly agree Mimo.. the simpler the life the happier..

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