Day 14~ May 14th~ Cambodia

the joy of learning

In Sihanoukville there is a bright and wonderful project growing that brings hope and a better future for hundreds of children. The Cambodian Children’s Painting Project enrolls children in a program where their local staff and volunteers instruct them daily in painting, arts, and basic learning and help them to sell their artwork in order to have a better life away from the streets. I had the great chance to spend a few days with the children and staff of ccpp where my face hurt from the constant smiling, because being around such a bright endeavor, the only thing you can really do is smile. Happy children, joyful and caring instructors, warm volunteers, beautiful art, just a wonderful environment!

photo taken: Children during an english class at CCPP in Sihanoukville.

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    Enlightening and hope provoking!

  2. Enlightening and hope-provoking!

  3. Beautiful portrait! Adrian

  4. what a sweet smile……..

  5. Really lovely capture, Mimo!

  6. Yes a lovely portrait indeed.. Nothing like capturing children laughing.

  7. What a beautiful moment!

  8. And hopefully she is still smiling broadly today!

  9. I hope her life is as beautiful as he smile and the education she is receiving.

  10. I love B&W portraiture, and her smile is stunning. And what a wonderful project, i think art is a great healer and teacher

  11. A very beautiful picture of an amazing smile 🙂

  12. I do understand why your face hurt from the constant smiling. What else can you do when such a bright smile goes right into your heart ?

  13. Hi,
    Now that is a smile. 😀
    Beautiful photo

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