Day 25~ April 25th~ Congo

driven by angels

I like to think that there are special angels assigned for each child that is born to this planet, to guide them, watch over them and shower them with buckets full of joy when life get rough…

Glowing smiles, shiny eyes, boundless energy, these things are not what I expected to see in the children of a war ravaged country like Congo. But children are just incredible, aren’t they? They seem to be plugged into an entirely different power source to to the one we are connected to as adults. They never seem to tire, they can run for hours, the can laugh madly about the silliest things, they can jump, sing and react with no inhibition in a safe circumstance and yes, they are like that even in Congo.

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  1. Happy , Happy…joyous photograph.. thanks Mimo

  2. My favourite Congo photograph so far…wonderful shot.

  3. Oh, this is grand. I agree, children have angels with them everywhere. They are special magical people throughout the world. Perfect photo, Mimo. Your work captures their magic

  4. Those two are like my angels as they gave me a big smile that I needed today. So beautiful

  5. An animated and singular picture__gleeful and cheery children against a rugged and rocky background. When I first viewed the picture, I couldn’t help but join in their laughter. πŸ™‚

  6. Wonderful picture and well said!

  7. Two lovely girls in a very lovly photo. Nice, Mimo!

  8. Beautiful. These beautiful smiles are the carrier of hope. Thank you for sharing. πŸ™‚

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