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Day 24~ April 24th~ Congo

a game of checkers

Coming from Lebanon, I get asked a lot about the civil war that ravaged my country for so many years and with that question there is always a request to clarity what the war is all about there. On many occasions I find myself likening the war to a board game. The board being the land, the game pieces as the warring parties,  and the ‘players’, well these are the giants and the warlords who have their big stakes in the game. The pieces get so sucked into the game that they forget who they are and sometimes even the reason they are in it, and the rule are changed often by the warlords and handed down to the players who follow blindly.

Congo is just another board game with so many bleeding players, young, old, male, female, tossed around mercilessly and discarded as the game keeps getting played.


By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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The colours are truly amazing, which again contrast with the message. This image is not just vibrant in colour but also in creativity as someone mentioned further up, why hasn’t anybody thought of making bottle cap checkers into a product, Desperate times can often show so much creativity in both solutions and expression as so many people need to in these situations.

It’s too sad, the conditions of some places. I often want to learn so much more about it, but my heart gets too broken even as I begin learning about it because there’s virtually nothing I can do to help.
Always loving your blog here Mimo. Hugs

Personally I think those are the coolest checkers I’ve seen. I’m surprised someone hasn’t marketed bottle top themed sets. I always loved checkers growing up.

And we Americans, including myself, complain about dysfunctional government – which comparatively is not that big of a thing. Everything sure has a as-compared-to-what perspective. Thanks Mimo!

Hello Mimo,
Lovely post, of words and colours. May I ask what you use for post processing (Light Room ?, Photoshop ?).
Have a wonderful colourful day!

Hi Nathalie, I use a different combination of lightroom, photoshop and lately I have been using nik software a lot. The color efex pro 4 version. Thank you for your comment!

Hello again,
Thank you very much for sharing. The self learning process is exhausting !

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