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Day 30~ March 30th~ Egypt

a journey like no other~ boy on a camel in the desert~ Egypt

There are some places you travel to that remain alive in a very special place in your heart…

It really was a journey like no other, this adventure in Egypt. The pyramids, the sphinx, the desert, the camels, the ancient ruins, the mind boggling architecture, the friends, the strange carvings, the sense of being so different to the ancient culture that has been, the bedouins, the Nubians, and most of all the children of Egypt.

Our life experiences come together and culminate to make us who we are. This journey for me in this year to collect the salient bits of pieces of 12 of my life journeys, one a month, and to go through the process of examining them as one would a sand painting, with different colors, different essences and experiences and to then brush them away into the archives of my memories, hopefully learning a lesson in the process.


By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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Enjoyed you series of photos on Egypt and looking forward to Congo: It never fails: Taking pictures of kids. They smile, and they are ready to enjoy life: Positive energy is flowing through them and they are contagious. Why we keep our distance from kids? Have we decided that life is not worth laughing at, with, in tandem?

Wonderful post and congratulations on your project. I can imagine it would have been difficult to choose just one photo per day from such historic and mysterious destinations. Well done. This Egypt series has been so interesting for me.

His expression beats that of the Mona Lisa. It is half wishing to be loved, half confidence and half joy to be doing his job. Well, my math isn’t very good but your photography skills are great. You capture people like no one I know. Thanks for your skills.

Mimo, there is something about the smile on the kid’s face that is so endearing. He reminds me of some of the guys I grew up with __he, as well others you featured, look a bit like them. 🙂 I saw them as my kinfolk. Take care, Mimo.

Yes, the children of Egypt are really unforgettable… The photo is really wonderful!

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