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Day 12~ March 12th~ Egypt

the girl and her doll

We create art inspired by what we see around us, what touches us, what we live with…

The children at valley of the nobles on the west bank of the nile near Luxor carry around dolls that they sell to tourists for a fraction of an Egyptian pound. The strangest thing about these dolls is that they are almost copies of the girls themselves. They are sewn from rags and dressed in miniatures of their own colorful homemade dresses. I still treasure the doll I bought from them and take with me from country to country wherever I move.

I wonder what it will be like going back there after the 15 years. Will these dolls still exist? Or are the children selling dolls mass produced in China? I sure hope not…

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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I suspect that both the young girl’s clothing and that of the doll are made from the same batch of materials. As for the photograph of the young girl, I find myself a bit speechless, and actually find myself coming back to take a look at the photo, and then again coming back to take another look. While I do enjoy the photograph, it is not for the typical reasons, such as the beauty on display. In other words, the photograph is moving, but for other reasons. I like the photograph, but I dislike the poverty that it reminds me not to forget. In this sense, though seemingly oxymoronic, I love the photo because I hate poverty. Finally, please take what I have written as a compliment.

You should take a trip back….We lived there 15 years ago. Came back to the Unites States and have been back 4 times – most recently at Christmas. I think you’d be amazed by the paradox of how much it’s changed and how much it’s stayed the same. My favorite place in the world!

Very touchy ..
and the picture, it speaks for itself.
I admit it makes a beautiful art, but I wonder what life those people are living! I’m sure its entirely different from anybody else

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