Day 11~ March 11th~ Egypt

the children in valley of the nobles


Sometimes the now, the moment, the present, must take precedence over the old, the past, the gone…

We were at the valley of the Nobles, an area of stone cut tombs dedicated to the nobles and high officials of ancient Egypt on the west bank of the Nile, and near the entrance to the tombs, my attention was caught by wave of color and giggles. A group of children in bright colored clothing were trying to get my attention to sell me rag dolls that they fashion in their image. I saw their faces, began to speak to them in Arabic and I was suddenly utterly charmed by their effervescence and the tombs were forgotten. Life was calling and it demanded my attention. They took my hand and led me to their tiny one room houses, one house after the other, introducing me to their parents, laughing and running around me and the whole time singing a song that they made up on the spot about my name. It was a precious happening for me and one that I will carry with me forever. At that moment, I followed my heart and decided that playtime with the living is way more important than seeing the old tombs of the dead.


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  1. Somehow I wish I could take this walks with you. You are living my dream but all in all. Thank you so much for sharing it….

  2. i want to travel some more.. especially after seeing your photo’s

  3. As usual, a lovely photo and story. The children just steal your heart away. Well done!

  4. The photograph captures the spontaneity of the children’s’ play. What could be better than to be drawn into their games?


  5. Ah, stillness and action, color and neutrals, all combined in one compelling image. Bravo, Mimo!

  6. Mimo, I liked this …”At that moment, I followed my heart and decided that playtime with the living is way more important than seeing the old tombs of the dead.” Watching children at play can be fascinating, especially those less fortunate then the children of our affluent nation who occupy themselves with all kinds of tech gadgets. I seldom see a group of children playing outside in our city.

  7. After seeing the picture, I wasn’t sure where this post would lead … but what a wonderful story of the joy of the human spirit that hasn’t been soiled.

  8. Mimo, I hope you don’t mind I ended up writing something after seeing this photo of yours. I have posted it in my own blog for you to see – and please do tell me what you think. I can delete it should it not be to your liking. Here is the link –

    You have an amazing eye.

  9. At the risk of sounding like a stuck record…another beautiful post!

  10. This is a great photograph and the accompanying text makes it even better, as Z has pointed out. I would have loved to see the dolls, too!

  11. Hi,
    A lovely photo and the cloths are very bright indeed. What a nice interaction with the locals that must of been.

  12. Curious as I was about the “valley of the nobles,” I love the path your words took in the end. Lovely post!

  13. A great photo, but even greater words. I love the advice.

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