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Day 21~ February 21st~ Lebanon

direct connection

At about age 5 or 6, my sister and I used to love playing house games with the neighborhood children in our village. We had an unfinished floor in our home that was still cement walls and bricks and we created our own pretend little world there. We had a basket tied to a rope from the kitchen window on the top floor and we snuck food ingredients down in it to create our own breads, coffee and other pretty disgusting recipes that we ate with total pride. Β We also found there an old discarded yellow closet that we declared to be our very own church. We acquired all sorts of iconic pictures, crosses and religious signs and hung them inside the walls of the yellow closet. We would go inside it with complete reverence and pray daily for miracles. One day a miracle finally happened. We heard a big bang on the walls of our little yellow church that made it vibrate miraculously! We ran yelling in awe and in great fear with shaking knees declaring our religious status and direct connection to all that is holy. It was only a couple of years later that our neighbor Nabiha, the very same one who offered us the yummy bread from her ‘saj’, gigglingly confessed to have thrown rocks at us to make believers out of us.

photo taken: My daughter visiting a favorite church or ours in the mountain in Lebanon.

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haha this so funny. I think that believers always need such accidents to give strength to their faith πŸ™‚

The wall looks so amazing in the photograph. I wanna spend a day in that church.
Maybe i also get a chance to see a miracle πŸ™‚

I love to hear my wife’s stories of her childhood. Your story is very nice as well. Your daughter is most precious and a great capture of her. As said above, congratulations on being the featured photography theme! Very well deserved.

Great picture … I was sure where the story was going from the pic, but then the yellow closet. But the rock story brought a laugh. This also reminded me of my maternal grandmother in Italy (many years ago), leaning out her 3rd story window using a rope with a basket for easy transport. Thanks for rekindling a memory.

Aloha Mimo! A fab picture __a rugged background, which is softened and tempered by your beautiful daughter. A unique combination. πŸ™‚ I smiled when I read: “We ran yelling in awe and in great fear with shaking knees declaring our religious status and direct connection to all that is holy”. Peace and blessings, Hon! πŸ™‚

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