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Day 12~ February 12th~ Lebanon

running though time

You know how when you are a child in school, only very few things resonate and remain with you despite all the efforts from your teachers to fill your head with information? For me, it was a chemistry teacher that I really loved because he demonstrated all his theories in a practical manner, a math teacher who was clearly in love with math, so he was able to infect me with that love, and then there was the magic of history. Not all of history, some of it was dead boring, but some stories just lived in me. One of these stories was the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh. It was all just too fantastic and too heroic and too hauntingly transporting to another place and another time. But can you imagine that the place spoken of was just an hour’s drive away from my school? The incredible Epic of Gilgamesh takes place partly in the cedar forest of Lebanon, the same forest that was mentioned 75 times in the bible, the very same forest whose tree resin was used for the mummification of Ancient Egypt, whose wood was used for the temples of the pharaohs and their tombs, the very same trees used to construct the palaces of kings David and Salomon, as well as the famous temple of Salomon, and the list goes on…

And in this ancient forest now called ‘the cedars of god’, my daughter runs today bathing in the vibrations of ancient history…

cedrus libani~ the lebanese cedars


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the epic story of Gilgamesh was told in Uruk in actual south Iraq, between the Euphrates and Tigre Rivers…Unless, you have another version or new pieces of intelligence…

Yes, it is a Sumerian legend. However the cedars of Lebanon forest plays a major part in the story. This is where Gilgamesh fights his famous and winning battle with the monster. Maybe you like to have another read ? 🙂

a slight editing will do. Why the Cedars have been such a powerful symbol in epic stories in the Near East? Maybe because most of the feeing people from harsh powers ended up in the Mediterranean eastern shores?

It must be more than that. The significance of the cedars goes far beyond a place of shelter. They were sought by the Egyptians for a specific purpose, what was that all about?

thank you 🙂
i don’t have much wise things to say so i don’t post so often.
I post more on my photo blog but I try to let the photos do the talking since I can’t do the people justice with my words

you do that marvelously

Thank you and well Stuart, the beauty of children is that you never have to invite them to adventure, you just are lucky to follow them into one 🙂
I cannot imagine having to tell a child to rund down a path like this, they just simply are compelled to do it!

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