A new project beginning on February 1st!

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lanterns in the night

It has been an amazing year full of wonderful experiences, learning and great new friends in photography and in life. As my project came to a close I realized slowly what the next step needs to be. A deepening into past experiences and a harvesting of those special times in a fresh new way through photography, images and a bit of storytelling.


“365 from the archive~a deepening journey” will begin in two days and it starts where it all started with me as far as I remember, my home country, Lebanon.

Until then! Stay well and enjoy the wonderful lanterns that adorn the old streets of Shanghai for the coming of the Spring Festival!

prayers in lanterns


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  1. I love this new project! It’s a lovely idea, taking a trip down memory lane and revisiting places that have meant so much to you (and your photography!) The photographs are beautiful and make me want to get my own camera out! I also enjoy reading your insightful comments – Wish I had a book with a collection of your photos and blog posts to look through when my Internet is down!

  2. Nice pictures, Mimo, especially the lower one! Adrian

  3. I have SO enjoyed visiting your blog and marveling at your photos. I truly look forward to visiting for the new project!

  4. Thank you Sheila! I also look forward to another year of being inspired by your work!

  5. Really looking forward to the next project – the last one was fantastic. Can’t wait. 🙂

  6. Congrats! I really enjoy your art. cheers to more!

  7. Good luck, and enjoy your new project 🙂

  8. Looking forward to it immensely Mimo..

  9. Sounds great! Will be there!

  10. I have enjoyed your pictures over the past year, every day wondering, pondering, and I wish we could put it all together in a book, to look into it, back muse and think.

    Thank you very much for your endurance,
    with great respect for all that you do


  11. Dear Mimo,
    I haven’t accompanied you on your last journey all the way through, because I joined only recently. When I will have some time ( … :-))) ), I want to go through your wonderful journey. Thank you for the sharing and the inspiration. I got so inspired, that I am thinking of taking some pictures again, which I haven’t done for quite a while …..
    I am looking forward to your new project and wish you lots of good luck !!!

    • Thank you Bridget! It is great news that you will be taking some photos again! I hope that you will share them somewhere for us to see!
      Many thanks again for your kind support!

  12. Good luck on your next journey and congrats on (nearly finishing) your first 365 project. 🙂 Your photos are truly amazing!

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