Day Three Hundred Sixty, January 17, 2012

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I used to live in New York City and always thought: too many people, too little space, overcrowded, claustrophobic. And then I moved to China.

It is quite difficult to describe in words and even in photos the amount of space people have to fit their lives inside of in a city like Shanghai. It is even more difficult to perceive if you have lived part of your life in a western standard home with a garden and space. I have seen some homes in city lanes, where a whole family lives in one small room with barely any room to move. Sinks and bathrooms are shared outdoors and naturally laundry is hanging in any space that is left over in the lane, on trees, on fences, electric wires, and on light poles of street intersections. Yes, overpopulated for sure…


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  1. Hi Mimo, really like your photographic style. Read your description and it made me feel a bit claustrophobic just thinking about it. And thanks for liking my work.

  2. Powerful image, and powerful thought. Thank you

  3. fantastic ! very atmospheric !

  4. I like how this single photo has a lot of details and tells a lot of stories.

  5. Hi Mimo a nicely controlled picture – thanks

  6. who said simple was best? this is terrific in all its complexity

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