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Day Three Hundred Fifty Six, January 13, 2012

all must explode by January 23rd

Many adults have seen at least once in their life a show of fireworks, either at one of the disney kingdoms, at the NYC Macy’s parade, New Year’s celebrations… These shows are usually organized, timed and synchronized.

Well the Chinese New Year celebrations in Shanghai are nothing like that. It is like a war. Every family wants to light up the sky on every street corner. It is a deafening chaotic mess and it is so much fun! Every year that we are here in town for the holidays, I end up walking the streets from sundown till past midnight with a fellow enthusiastic photographer or two, braving the cold and the explosions taking tons of photos and bribing our way into building roof tops with a few rmb bills to the doorman. This year will be no different and we are hoping for a dry night!

Chinese new year fireworks 2010

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