Day Three Hundred Fifty Five, January 12, 2012

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it's a love affair

when you think of something every hour of your day, when you lose sleep for it, when you long to speak of it, when your heart flutters and misses a beat as you think of your passion for it, when you walk in the rain, in the cold and in the desert to be with it, when you spend your last extra cent on it, when you realize you are happiest when engaged with it, then whatever that something is, you are having an affair, a passionate love affair.

I am guilty of being in love with photography. As I near the end of my 365 project, I realize that I am not ready to break up yet, not willing to have a separation.. it must go on.

photo taken: Chiharu on a cold night shoot in shanghai

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  1. Great picture and words, Mimo >>> and I’m just as guilty of being in love with photography as you are!!!

    So >>> WE DON’T STOP!!! Keep on keeping on!!! Adrian

  2. definitely… there is no end. looking forward to your continued art!

  3. Glad to hear that!

  4. Encore, encore, encore…looks like you got to do it again! The masses have plead for it, including myself.

  5. Really enjoying your posts Mimo, I hope you do continue…

  6. Dear Mimo, I hope deeply your love affair goes on… I would miss the glimpses of Shanghai reminding me my time in China. Best wishes from Hanoi. Mora

  7. Thank you! Just keep numbering.. Though when a challenge drifts past its objective will it have the same discipline? but really I would hate you to finish too! yes the monthly themes will allow for a recollection. c

  8. You could easily be describing me too, Mimo 🙂

  9. Dear Mimo,
    I have been thinking about this, that your 365 project is coming to an end and it didn’t feel right. It’s too good.
    You are a really lucky person, because you are in love with what you do !!!
    “A moment by moment love affair lasts forever”.
    Please continue !
    With great anticipation and inspiration

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