Day Three Hundred Fifty One, January 8, 2012

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sitting with a friend

Getting old: it brings to mind the image of a fan getting turned off and gradually slowing down before coming to a standstill. Movement slows down, worries begin to fade away and importances shift to allow contemplations to take precedence. Maybe that is why a lot of old people choose dogs for companions. Dogs don’t seem to mind the waiting around, the long slow walks or the hours stillness and quiet.

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  1. Great picture! I agree with Ceciliag, dogs are always a good friend, principally for old people.

  2. Beautiful photo Mimo…how I wish it were always as you say. For many elderly in the UK it is a time of intense worry about how they are going to pay bills, buy food and keep healthy..

  3. Dogs keep old people healthy i think too. You need to walk a dog. No sitting about all day! c

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