Day Three Hundred Forty Three, December 31, 2011

waiting for the fireworks to start

Midnight of December 31st, the time that all around the world wait for, expecting something important to take place, a ball to fall on times square in New York, a kiss to take place with someone special, fireworks to burn into the night sky and greetings to be exchange all around after the pop of a champagne bottle.

As far as I could remember, I wondered about the big fascination with this exact deciding minute that changed a solar calendar by one digit and I always made it a point to not go with the masses for the sake of originality and being a decider of my own fate. This year a took a few minutes to myself away from it all to think about the new year and what might be its significance, a moment alone, because how can you think when all around you is chaos? Yes, it was a very reflective moment, a great moment…

Wishing all my friends a wonderful year ahead where value is given to what is really important.

photo taken: Elyssa waiting for the highlight of the new year celebration

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