Day Three Hundred Thirty Seven, December 25, 2011

is it the vanishing point?

Christmas day always seems to point to the next highlight or important event, the arrival of the new year in only a week’s time. This new year has been heralded all over the place as a possible end, a new beginning, a major year of unusual events according to the Mayan prophecy of the shifting ages. But come to think of it, haven’t things already started happening? 2011 was a year filled with upheavals, on natural, human, social, religious, governmental, and personal levels of all kinds. So what awaits us in 2012 really? Do you ever wonder?


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  1. I like the image >>>immensely, Mimi – that title is spot on! And as for the words, well, I wonder what 2012 will bring….. Adrian

  2. Happy New Year Mimo. May you find joy and prosperity and plenty of time for photography in 2012.

  3. They’ve just released some government papers from 1981 in the UK, depressingly similar events to 2011, it doesn’t seem that so much has changed! Love the photo btw!

  4. The predictions certainly apply to my life!

  5. Most likely more of the same Mimo… unfortunately.

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