Day Three Hundred Twenty Six, December 14, 2011

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silver and gold

On a planet of duality, of dark and light, of day and night, of sunlight and moon light, there is an eternally repeating dance between two lovers. They long for each other desperately knowing that they will never be together longer than a single moment twice a day. It is a tragic epic of love, endless, where passion is never satisfied but only barely felt as a shiver, at dawn and at dusk. At dawn it rains tears of silver and at dusk it weeps a gold dust carried by the sandman day after day with a promise of meeting again the next day.

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  1. Like a memory, perfect

  2. Absolutely wonderful, absolutely gorgeous picture, really artistic, stunning >>> could easily live with that on my living room wall! Great stuff, Mimo! Adrian

  3. The first commenter is right. Beautiful. 🙂

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