Day Three Hundred Fifteen, December 3, 2011

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forced to grow up

I have seen it so many times and in so many countries, when a child is forced somehow into a the role of caregiver. You see in them an unnatural maturity and a weight of responsibility that will influence them for the rest of their lives. This scene today in the french concession area of Shanghai made me stop in my tracks. A child driving another child on a moped in the middle of the afternoon traffic… and when you have a child yourself it makes you think even more and wonder at the dire circumstances that would require that parents allow a risk like this to be taken.

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  1. Nico mono, Mimo,very good! Adrian

  2. Interesting that you were even able to capture this. Sad to some of us, but maybe not to others? A “way of life,” as bananabatman said in the comments above.


  3. Hermosa fotografĂ­a!!

  4. You capture such amazing moments. Your pics always create emotion, I love that!

  5. I know, it makes a mothers heart leap with fright, it is a different environment for children for sure.. c

  6. I wonder whether they even perceive it as a risk? It may just be seen as ‘a way of live’, necessary if they are to prosper in the world, even though the accident statistics don’t make comfortable reading. In a western world, with preoccupation with ‘health and safety’ taken to the extreme, we cannot feel happy with this type of scene. I wouldn’t want my grandchildren exposed to such risks.

    By the way, a great image!

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