Day Three Hundred Thirteen, December 1, 2011

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After yesterday’s post and reading all the responses from everyone about guns, violence and war, I have been in contemplation about the subject. Today I visited a film studio in Songjiang, Shanghai and one of the sets photographed here depicts a burnt down, war ravaged village. It got me thinking about war, and the years that I had to experience it in Lebanon first hand since early childhood and I could not find one pretty thing about it. War is ugly, its starts ugly and it ends ugly.

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  1. ….if we can only forget to hate, then Love can fill us, but mostly we do not give it a chance. love is makes people soft, and it is difficult to be keep soft in the world today, difficult – not impossible !
    P.S. I was in Lebanon, in the other side…Israeli side, and it looks bad any way one looks at it.

  2. If only love were more powerful than hatred…………….

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