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Day Three Hundred Twelve, November 30, 2011

baby Nikita

I am not sure who was the first person to think it would be a great idea to create toys that mimic killing machines and to advertise them to little children. But they did and the toys are here and very popular. The other day a group of almost 20 boys were coming out of the building where I live carrying these toy machine guns, most probably from a themed birthday party (great idea from mom), and they honestly gave me the strangest feeling watching them. They walked with the attitude that goes with the machine and there was an essence of war emanating from them so strongly. Children are like sponges, they absorb all that we offer them and they process these essences and influences and it all goes into the make up of their identities for their whole life. It is up to us parents in the end…

By ~mimo~

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I was thinking about the same thing the other day when I saw a little boy carrying a very realistic but obviously toy gun… plastic weapons of war and horrifically violent video games..I’m scared to think about the future!

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