Day Two Hundred Ninety Five, November 13, 2011

shoot you back

I walk the streets of the city almost daily doing what I love to do best : Street Photography, and each day I learn new things and gain new experiences, most of it having to do with other people. I am behind my camera lost in a world of images, patterns, colors and moments, that I sometimes point my camera at faces that move me without anticipating the reaction. It always seems to work instinctively somehow like a dance between my eyes, their eyes, my camera their bodies and it all flows. Sometimes unspoken sparks of joy can come at me from a person and they react in a most unexpected way. It always draws giggles from us both and a human moment beyond language is allowed to go into the favorite archives of my memory. That’s why I love street photography so much, it is about capturing the human element in so many subtle as well as obvious ways.

I would love to know what you think!!

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