Day Two Hundred Ninety Two, November 10, 2011

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my first love

It was New Zealand, 1995 when this camera found me on a deserted beach. Since that day I fell in love with the mystery camera and it has been a journey of strong companionship and great mystery. The first trip we took together was to Egypt where I shot 35 rolls of film, a wonderful, unforgettable adventure.

Today this old friend called me back. I will be getting some film again to take it for an outing or two.

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  1. Same classic design as my Rolleiflex from ’74 or ’75.

  2. Oh I used to have a pentax once too. Film is such a different genre to digital.. we have to think more and work harder.. love it ..c

  3. I look forward to seeing your (film) pictures, Mimo! Adrian

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