Day Two Hundred Fourty, September 19, 2011

in cursive

“Schreibschrift”, cursive writing, from the Latin currere (to run), the concept of connecting letters together for a faster flow and to not have to remove the quill from the paper while scribing. It is an elegant way of writing that is unfortunately no longer required in 41 of the United States of America, giving way to more keyboard training instead.

However, this form of writing engages parts of the brain responsible for language and letter recognition that the keyboard punch and on screen learning cannot. It draws on the artistic side as well and most importantly on their patience. It is such a pity that something so romantic, so elegant and so traditional is facing possible extinction in our fast world of today. As I type this on my keyboard, I do realize that we all are using computers for almost everything, but something in me is singing in delight that my daughter is still required to learn cursive writing daily in the German school.

By ~mimo~

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Again very good – wonderful and very precise use of selective focus. I love the three fingers behind and to the right of the knib, getting further away and becoming increasingly out of focus. FATman

Wonderful photo, and nice sentiments. It is so sad that we barely even write anything with our own hands anymore. As I continue to type. 🙂 Glad your daughter is learning the fine art of cursive. it really can be an art form. Thanks for this post!

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