17 thoughts on “Project 365, the images of February

  1. I just came across you blog by pure coincidence and I was impressed with your project 365. It’s rare to see such a coherent body of work and still with such a variety. I would like to comment some of the pictures that touches me right at my heart. But it’s hard with so many, so I will just pick one that I really love. It’s the one with two boys playing on the beach. It has a wonderful range of blue colours, and the way you have placed the elements in the frame suggests an almost surreal world (along with the post production). Of course for me what really makes the pictures is the ball in the air or whatever the boys throw between them. But more so, and what really makes the picture very mysterious – which is something I like – is the two objects in the air. Which one are the boys actually playing with? And what is that black object? Great picture


  2. When I was looking through the gallery in this post, I kept trying to make mental notes of pictures I loved. Eventually there were too many for me to keep track of, those photos are diverse yet each is breathtaking. Very well done! I especially fell for the images of people, you really do a great job of capturing the moment in spontaneous portraits.


  3. Mimo…you know I’m a fan of your images. I am delighted to see these. You capture people so well, both candidly and when they know it too. I also am inspired by your use of diagonal “horizon” lines and must remember to include that in my work more often. I also am noticing a lack of vibrant colors in my images lately, yet when I see the colors in your images, I really like them.
    Thank you for sharing your “vision”.


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