Day Two Hundred Twelve, August 22, 2011

The little Shanghainese

I have wanted to make this list of 10 things about living in Shanghai for so long, and this photo gave me the perfect excuse to go for it. Here goes:

You know you have been living in Shanghai for too long when:

1.You haggle and bargain about everything before you buy it, that you start thinking marked prices are for idiots.

2. When strangers exhausting air and liquids from their mouth starts to sound like the melody of birds chirping.

3. When you are so used to being stared at like a monkey in a zoo that you don’t bother to mind.

4. When personal space starts feeling like a great and rare luxury.

5. When you feel cheated if your head massage is less than 30 minutes long at the hairdressers (and the hairdressing costs you about 4 dollars tops).

6. When you expect to see shirts taken off or flipped every time the temperature rises above 25 degrees centigrade.

7. When fashion for you becomes whatever the heck you feel like wearing that day, even if it was a pajama.

8. Where you start to doubt that all goods sold here are fake, copies, and you wonder what your clone might be up to these days.

9. When you start to think that the word “why” is evil and must be erased from the dictionary.

10. When your child blends in so well with their surroundings!!

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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Hi, I have just stumbled over your blog, stumble trip! and wow.. this shot is just slick, i love it.. I have done a lot of travelling but have never even been to shanghai but your list made me chuckl enevertheless.. c

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