Day One Hundred Sixty Five, July 6, 2011

living in a virtual world

And how many communication gadgets do you own and how addicted are you to them? Almost everyone I know flirts daily with at least one phone, one computer, one ipod, one ipad, one game with a wireless connection, among other newly invented virtual reality toys, and they spend a large chunk of the day engrossed in that world, that it becomes real. The virtual avatars, gravatars and buddy icons become as real as you and me (well you are probably virtual to me as I am to you anyway) and it is kind of scary. We are living the scifi movie that we watched and wondered at as children. These days you can even play a highly addictive computer game where you create your own alternate world and be with others in it, fall in love, meet new people, get a new career, that some end up preferring it to their real life and get sucked into it as they gradually lose their grip on their physical world. Just some thoughts that were triggered by the subject of my street photo.

Photo taken: a girl in Shanghai completely oblivious to me, the pedestrian and car traffic while texting

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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And it doesn’t feel scifi at all!
(yes, I’m late. I only found your photo blog a couple of days ago, so I’m now going forward and backwards, one page per day, for balance)

Hey nice photo. You’re right – we’re addicted to technology! Well I certainly am. On holiday recently I had no data connection available for my phone and I was lost without it at first. By the end of the week I was enjoying not having information and news in my face all day every day!

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